CABL is a great organization and its Leadership Louisiana program has touched every area of the state with graduates who promote CABL’s values on education and insuring an informed electorate.

Bob Hamm – Chairman 2014-2015

What an honor it has been for me to have been a member of the first ever Leadership Louisiana Class of 1989, serve on the board of CABL for close to 20 years and then as Chairman for our 50-Year Anniversary.  The real honor is being in the arena of reality and understanding how our state works, how we got where we are, and how we as citizen leaders can truly make a difference in this place we choose to call home.  The name just says it all – Council for A Better Louisiana. It’s infectious and a strong conduit for bringing the best leaders of Louisiana together for a common effort.

Patrick Moore – Chairman 2012-2013

An elected representative government needs to always be guided by the voices, needs and concerns of those people who are impacted by its policies. CABL through its unbiased policy research and advocacy provides an effective framework for helping our state in its quest to fulfill this promise to all Louisianans.

Greg Rattler – Chairman 2011

For five decades CABL has provided thoughtful analysis and non-partisan advocacy on the major issues facing the state of Louisiana. Having made education a priority area of concentration, CABL insures its indispensable role to the future success of our state.

Bob Levy – Chairman 2010

For many years CABL has been a leader in education reform. Nowhere is that more evident than in the City of New Orleans. CABL’s persistent work in education policy and advocacy in the aftermath of Katrina helped rescue public schools in New Orleans and turned the city into a leading model of educational transformation now being replicated in other parts of the state and nation.

Bill Hines – Chairman 2009

For half-a-century, CABL has had a profound impact on our state’s reform efforts in a broad range of areas from education to tax policy to ethics. I can say with great confidence that no other organization has had a more positive impact on our state and the lives of all its citizens than CABL.

Charles Landry – Chairman 2003-2004