After Governor’s Debate, Focus Shifts to Voters

The one and, apparently, only debate in the runoff election for governor is over. It was a spirited affair and CABL was pleased to be able to partner once again with Louisiana Public Broadcasting to present it to voters.

If you missed it, it’s not too late to catch a replay by checking out the stream on the LPB website. It’s definitely worth watching. Both candidates brought a lot of energy to the discussion, knowing that this was likely their only face-to-face meeting before the election.

Our format was less structured than some and gave both candidates time to go back and forth and question each other in seven major issue areas:

  1. The role national issues play in Louisiana
  2. The effectiveness of government experience vs. being an “outsider”
  3. Constitutional changes
  4. Transportation infrastructure
  5. The economy and jobs of the future
  6. Taxes and fiscal issues
  7. The candidate’s core values

Unlike other forums with multiple candidates, this one had the feel of a real debate. The candidates brought their passion, and while they didn’t stake a lot of new ground on their positions on issues, their exchanges gave a more revealing and less controlled look into who they are.

Now the attention shifts to voters. Early voting starts Saturday and runs through November 9. Election Day is November 16. While the governor’s contest is at the top of the ballot, there is also a runoff in the Secretary of State’s race, along with five still-contested Senate races and 24 races in the House.

If you want to see which of those races are happening in your district, go to on the Secretary of State’s website. There you can see a sample of your ballot. Or even better, get the free Geaux Vote mobile app which lists all the races in your district, as well as polling information and a map showing where you vote.

Elections are important. In other parts of the world people risk their lives for this fundamental right we too often take for granted. And while watching politics in action can sometimes be frustrating, it doesn’t lessen our responsibility to choose the leaders we trust will do the most for our state over the next four years.

So, make your voice heard during this election year. It’s not a cliché to say that the future of Louisiana depends on it.

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