CABL Delves Into Teacher Recruitment and Retention in New Podcast

We recently spotlighted Louisiana’s challenges with teacher shortages and some of the things the Legislature did this year to address the problem. It’s a major issue and CABL recently had the opportunity to dig into it a little deeper in a new podcast from the state Department of Education that is actually both fun and informative.

The podcast is called “Teacher Leader Lagniappe” and it’s part of a series hosted by Em Cooper, who is the Deputy Superintendent of Educator Development at the department. CABL president Barry Erwin co-chairs the Teacher Recruitment, Recovery, and Retention Task Force, which was created by the Legislature and has been meeting and studying the issue over the last year.

The task force has released some initial recommendations with more to come in the months ahead. In the podcast we discuss some of the issues surrounding teacher shortages in Louisiana, the challenges of recruiting new teachers and retaining experienced veterans, and some of the overall findings of the task force.

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