CABL Leadership Louisiana Alumni Assuming New Leadership Roles

For the last two-and-a-half decades, CABL’s Leadership Louisiana program has worked to help current and emerging leaders from across Louisiana realize their potential to make a difference in their communities and for the state.

Today the program boasts more than 1,000 alumni, many of whom have truly made lasting impacts for the betterment of Louisiana. But this year in particular, the potential of Leadership to develop these leaders has never been more apparent.

It’s borne out by the outcomes of the 2015 state elections and a number of people who assumed key roles in the new administration of Governor John Bel Edwards. In just the last few months:

  • Five Leadership Louisiana alumni were elected to the Legislature.
  • Two were elected to BESE.
  • Four have taken positions on the new governor’s executive policy team.
  • Three have assumed cabinet-level positions in the new administration.
  • And one, Rep. Taylor Barras, was just elected Speaker-of-the-House of Representatives.

These are all high-level positions and they reflect the talents, commitment and leadership skills of a number of people who care passionately about our state. But they are just the most visible ones.

Every day alumni of the program are doing great things in their communities, whether as local council members, mayors, judges, nonprofit volunteers or civic leaders. They are making a difference in ways that are as broad and diverse as the individuals themselves.

CABL is proud to have been a part of this work for the last 26 years and we salute all of our alumni – those in highly-visible positions, as well as those who are quietly working for positive change. Their contributions are appreciated, they are real and our state and its communities and state are better because of their efforts.

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