CABL Receives LPB President’s Award

Back in 1995, CABL was working on an election issues project called The People’s Agenda. It was a citizen-based effort to raise awareness of important issues in the races for governor and the Legislature. As part of that we did our first statewide, televised gubernatorial debates with Louisiana Public Broadcasting. Little did we know then that we were launching a very special partnership that has lasted more than 25 years.

In recognition of that longstanding relationship, CABL’s Barry Erwin recently accepted the LPB President’s Award on behalf of the organization. “We are truly honored to receive this award,” Erwin said. “It is a privilege to be able to work with all of the great people at LPB to further civic engagement on issues that are important to everyone in Louisiana.”

Over the years, CABL and LPB have co-sponsored close to 20 televised debates, mostly in races for governor and the U.S. Senate, but our collaboration has spread into other areas, as well. CABL has been a part of the coverage of numerous state inaugurations providing historical context and analysis. We’ve also worked closely with LPB discussing key issues at the opening of legislative sessions, and appeared regularly on Louisiana the State We’re In.

But one of our most gratifying experiences has been to work as a resource both on-screen and behind the scenes on the monthly program Louisiana Public Square. It is a show that only public broadcasting can do. For more than a decade-and-a-half, it has taken a comprehensive look at issues that are important to Louisiana, framing them in a way that is easily understandable, bringing in experts to provide in-depth information, and listening to citizens to get their views and answer their questions.

It represents an ongoing venture into civil discourse that is rarely seen on much of television news, but is at the heart of the missions of CABL and LPB.

CABL greatly appreciates this wonderful award from LPB President and CEO Beth Courtney and everyone at Louisiana Public Broadcasting. It is truly an honor to be recognized for work we feel privileged to be able to do.

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