Helping Educators and Families Recover from the Floods

The recent floods in south Louisiana have been devastating to tens of thousands of people. At CABL all those impacted are in our thoughts and prayers. Among those hit hard are many thousands of educators and parents of school-age kids. Many need help with everyday supplies such as pillows, towels, food utensils and diapers.

At the same time, hundreds of educators who saw their schools destroyed are trying to stock up on much-needed school supplies so their students can be ready to learn as soon as they get back in the classroom. Fortunately, as difficult as the situation is facing so many of our fellow education champions, there are just as many folks looking for ways to assist them.

Thanks to some of our partners, here are some easy and meaningful ways you can help.

  1. Our friends at Stand for Children Louisiana have been in direct touch with many affected educators and families and they have established an Amazon Wishlist on their behalf, based on the needs that were expressed by the individuals themselves. They run the gamut from school supplies to everyday necessities. It’s really easy to access and you can find it at .
  1. In addition, our friends at the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL) have established a disaster recovery fund to help meet the many classroom needs of educators in impacted areas. You can make a quick and easy contribution at .

These efforts are being closely coordinated by both of these groups so there is no duplication and contributors can be assured that the support they provide is getting directly to those who need it most.

In addition, with so many families displaced by the disaster many are moving into other communities while they get back on their feet. Many are finding their way to New Orleans and our friends at EdNavigator stand ready to assist.

They’re offering free help for displaced families who have relocated to New Orleans as they look for schools, seek out resources, and try to get their children back into a familiar routine. They can be reached by email or you can message them on Twitter or Facebook .

There is no question a disaster of this magnitude will have a major impact on our schools, teachers and families. Please consider supporting their recovery by making a contribution of any amount or by sharing this information with others. At the end of the day it all makes a difference for the children of our state.