New Orleans Session Agenda

July 15-17th

Intercontinental Hotel

444 St. Charles Ave.  504 525-5566

Thursday – July 15th

6:00 PM                     Meet in Lobby to go to Adams and Reese

Note: We should be able to walk across the street to One Shell Square

6:30 – 8:30                 Opening Reception

                                    Hosts: Adams and Reese, One Shell Square (45th Floor)

Friday – July 16th


7:45 -8:45 AM   Buffet Breakfast at hotel in LaSalle B C Ballroom (3rd Floor)

Move to LaSalle A Ballroom (3rdd Floor) for morning meetings/presentations

Announcements/Packet review start at 8:45AM

9:00                  Regional Overview

  • Anthony Bodin, Director of Business Development, GNO, Inc.

9:30                  Public Education: Statewide Reforms and Vision

  • Cade Brumley, Ph.D., Superintendent, Louisiana Department of Education

10:15                BREAK

10:30                Innovators in Public Education

  • Caroline Roemer, Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools (‘12 Alum)
  • Ryan Domengeaux, Chief Executive Officer/General Counsel, Love Our Schools
  • Tramelle Howard, External Relations Manager, Education Trust

11:45                Board Bus

12:15-1:45 PM  Port of New Orleans          Lunch / tour

Louisiana to the World:  Ports, International Trade,  River Commerce

  • Amanda Coates, Commercial Manager, Port of New Orleans
  • Michael Miller, President, LA Associated Branch Pilots (’09 Alum)

2:15                  Site Visit: Booker T. Washington (New Orleans KIPP Schools)  (1201 S. Roman St.)

  • Joey Laroche, Chief Strategy Officer, KIPP New Orleans Schools

 3:30                  Load Bus and travel to the Historic New Orleans Collection (520 Royal St.)

4:00                  Afternoon Tour: A little piece of New Orleans and Louisiana History

  • The Historic New Orleans Collection

6:15                        Taxi or carpool or walk to DINNER:

Bourbon House (a Dickie Brennen Restaurant)

144 Bourbon Street 

                       Wine served at 6:30    Dinner at 7:15

Saturday – July 17th

7:45/800 AM        Breakfast Buffet in LaSalle B C Ballroom (3rd Floor)

Move to LaSalle A Ballroom (3rd Floor)

8:45:                 Announcements

9:00                  Tourism Industry in New Orleans

  • Stephen Perry, President, New Orleans & Company

9:45/10:00         Break

10:15                Café Reconcile: Community Leadership in Action

  • Caitlin Scanlan, Chief Development Officer, Café Reconcile

11:15/30            Door prizes   *   See you September 16-18 in Shreveport

Thanks to our Local New Orleans Area Sponsors


John Payne

Continued Thanks to our Statewide Lead sponsors

Coughlin Saunders Foundation

Wurtele Fund at BRAF