Economy & Innovation

  1. Build upon Louisiana’s existing resources, diversify our economy, improve our transportation system and enhance our competitiveness to create a sustained period of economic growth over the next 25 years.
  2. Position postsecondary education institutions and appropriate state agencies to produce a highly-skilled, globally competitive workforce with a strong focus on the technology-based new-market jobs of the future.
  3. Develop existing talent in Louisiana and attract new talent from outside to grow our population at rates exceeding southern regional levels.


  1. Create a diverse, modern education system that produces sustained and equitable improvement in student outcomes at a rate that outpaces that of the nation.
  2. Expand access to high-quality early childhood education so that every child in Louisiana has the opportunity to begin school ready to learn.
  3. Increase the education attainment and training credential levels of our citizens at all levels to meet the job demands of a growing, diverse and modern economy.

 Livability & Quality of Life 

  1. Create a period of sustained improvement in key indicators such as health, public safety and poverty so that Louisiana is in the top quartile nationally on recognized quality of life indicators.
  2. Establish Louisiana as a national leader in governmental ethics and transparency policies.
  3. Sustain Louisiana’s coast and wetlands as a vibrant place for culture, recreation, and commercial interests to thrive and extend that work to make the state a nationally recognized leader in all aspects of water system management and research.