Passage of Amendments #1 and #2 Will Move Louisiana Forward

For years CABL has been involved in state tax policy issues with the goal of making Louisiana more competitive with other states. Over the last couple of decades, we have had both successes and setbacks. But tomorrow we have a chance to approve two constitutional changes that will clearly help move Louisiana forward.

Amendment #1 will begin a process of streamlining the collection of sales taxes that will simplify things for thousands of Louisiana businesses and put them on a more level playing field with their out-of-state, online counterparts.

Amendment #2 will lower taxes for the vast majority of taxpayers, make our individual income tax rates among the very lowest in the country of states that levy an income tax, provide tax relief to many small businesses, and do it all in a way that is generally revenue neutral for the state.

We often lament the fact that our leaders sometimes lack the political will to make decisions that will truly make a difference for Louisiana. But Amendments #1 and #2 do that. Together they represent policy changes that modernize, simplify, and improve our tax structure and we urge voters to support them tomorrow.

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