Last Day of Early Voting for November 8 Election

Louisiana has seven days of early voting, but it comes to an end today. If you’re still planning to cast your ballot before the 6 p.m. deadline, it’s a good idea to be prepared.

This year there are eight constitutional amendments on the ballot. Some are straight forward, several are not, and all have some background and context that are important to understand before you cast your vote.

To assist voters, CABL has analyzed all of them and provided a brief synopsis along with recommendations. A few minutes to go over them in advance is well worth the effort. You can mark your preferences before you get to the voting station using the Geaux Vote app from the Secretary of State’s office. It’s a handy addition to your smart phone that you can use for any election. It provides all your voter personal information, your congressional and legislative districts, polling place, and more. Find it wherever you get your apps.

The Secretary of State also has a list of early voting sites for every jurisdiction if you’re still trying to figure out where you need to get to today.

Voting is a critical part of the democratic process and making informed decisions about our governmental representatives and what our constitution says are important responsibilities for all citizens. If you take just a few minutes to prepare it’s easy, quick, and you will be fulfilling a civic duty that all of us in this country are fortunate to have.

Geaux Vote!

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