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CABL Is Working to Improve Louisiana’s Public Schools

CABL PreK-12 Education Policy Priorities 

For many years, CABL has been an active leader in Louisiana’s efforts to reform education and improve student outcomes. Though we still face many challenges, the good news is that our students are on the right trajectory.

Our high school graduation rates are at an all-time high, students are improving their performance on national assessments, and we are beginning to close the achievement gap for low-income students and students of color.

For CABL, the future of our state, its workforce, and overall quality of life are inextricably linked to education. We remain committed to working in this arena advocating policies based on our core values:

  • High academic standards with appropriate rigor to ensure that Louisiana students are prepared for college or careers after high school.
  • Quality state assessments that are aligned to our standards and realistically measure the performance of our students.
  • An accountability system that is meaningful, transparent and focused on improving student outcomes.
  • A variety of high-quality school options for parents that include charter schools, non-public school scholarships, course choice, dual enrollment, and opportunities to learn skills or take advanced courses in high school.
  • Access to high-quality early learning experiences for pre-K students as well as children from birth to age three, with a particular focus on at-risk students. 
  • A strong Recovery School District to accelerate student progress through interventions for turning around low-performing schools.
  • Improved school board governance with clear roles and responsibilities for district and school leaders to shield them from politics and inappropriate political meddling.