CABL Releases Gubernatorial Survey Responses on Major Issues

The Council for A Better Louisiana has released the responses of gubernatorial candidates to a comprehensive survey on major issues in the 2019 governor’s race.

The survey questions were sent to all candidates for governor and CABL received responses from Gov. John Bel Edwards and Congressman Ralph Abraham. They can be found on the CABL website HERE.

“We have been surveying candidates on important issues for 25 years, and we think it’s important that voters have a chance to see what those seeking our state’s highest office plan to do if elected,” said Barry Erwin, CABL President.

The survey contained 17 questions on subjects including the candidates’ leadership style, the top outcomes they hope to achieve if elected, transportation infrastructure, education, workforce development, job growth, state fiscal policies, and criminal justice reform.

“What we hope from publishing these surveys is that voters will get some additional insights into how the candidates see themselves, what their own priorities are, and how they would deal with a number of major issues that have been in the forefront of discussion in Louisiana for many years. We think that’s the kind of information voters need and want,” Erwin said.

CABL has been active in disseminating nonpartisan voter information in major state elections for well over two decades. This year it is partnering with the Public Affairs Research Council and the Committee of 100 for Economic Development on a major election issues initiative called RESET Louisiana’s Future. Through that effort, all three organizations are engaging candidates and voters on key issues of importance to the state.

CABL is also partnering with Louisiana Public Broadcasting once again on a statewide televised debate in the governor’s race. It will be held on September 26 on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It will air statewide on LPB stations from 7:00-8:00 p.m.

“We believe it is part of our role and responsibility to elevate important issues in ways that engage both voters and candidates,” Erwin said. “We are pleased that this year we are able to partner with so many other organizations to help elevate the public debate on matters that are of importance to Louisiana citizens.”

CABL is a nonpartisan public policy organization founded in 1962 working on major issues in the public interest. For more information contact Barry Erwin at (225) 344-2225 or

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