High School to College & Career

Improving Opportunities for High School Students to Maximize their Senior Year and Earn A High-Quality Credential or Meaningful College Credit

The national Lumina Foundation has set a goal for the United States, which Louisiana has embraced, of increasing the percentage of adults with a degree or high-quality postsecondary credential to 60-percent by 2025. According to the foundation, Louisiana is actually very close to the national average at 45.7-percent and sits in the middle-of-the-pack among states.

That’s generally good news, but there’s one problem. It’s not good enough to meet our workforce needs now or for the future. A widely-recognized study by the Georgetown University Center on Education & the Workforce estimates that by 2020, 56-percent of the jobs in Louisiana will require some sort of postsecondary credential. Like most states, Louisiana has a workforce skills gap – a gap we must work diligently to close.

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