Academic Standards

Louisiana’s Higher Academic Standards

In recent years, there has been a vigorous debate in Louisiana and across the nation about higher academic standards in our classrooms. In 2010 CABL supported the adoption of a set of common standards in English and math that was developed in partnership with other states. Implementation of the standards began in 2012-13.

At the time there was widespread agreement that our students needed a deeper knowledge of core subject areas if they were to succeed in job training, college and ultimately the workforce.

In 2015-16 a group of educator-led committees appointed by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education undertook a thorough review of those standards. They subsequently made a series of recommendations to revise some standards and those revisions were later adopted by BESE, approved by the Legislature, and signed off on by the governor.

Today, Louisiana’s academic standards provide a rigorous set of expectations for students that will prepare them for college and careers. CABL continues to support these standards along with high-quality assessments aligned to our standards and a transparent accountability system. Together they will help ensure that our students are ready for the future and able to compete with their peers from across the country and around the world.

Louisiana Science Standards    

Currently, committees of Louisiana educators are reviewing the state’s science standards. These standards, which have not been revised in more than decade, are the third oldest in the nation and experts say they are deficient in engineering and technology and do not integrate well with our newer math standards.

CABL believes an update of these standards is vitally important, particularly in a state like Louisiana that has increasing demands for engineers of all types, as well a growing and more sophisticated technology sector.